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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Sweden

Holidays in Sweden in houses by the sea

Sweden is located in Northern Europe and is part of the Scandinavian countries. Sweden is now accessible by road from Germany, but most travelers take advantage of the many ferries from Kiel, Rostock or Travemünde. With a variety of totally different coastal landscapes, everyone can find the perfect location for a holiday in Sweden.

Sea vacation rentals in Sweden - simply amazing ...

In the west of Sweden between Gothenburg and the border with Norway lies the landscape of Bohuslän. In this harsh climate, dominated by steep cliffs and a multitude of coastal islands, a seaside holiday in Sweden is particularly popular. The tourist center of the Bohuslän archipelago is Lysekil. Here lies the Havets Hus, a remarkable seawater aquarium. The prehistoric rock carvings of Tanum and the metropolis of Gothenburg with the large Liseberg amusement park are also interesting places that you could visit during your holiday by the sea ​​in Sweden. Vacationers choosing a seaside holiday in Sweden stay in a beach holiday home of their choice and can take a fishing boat trip to Smögen.

Along the south-west and south of Sweden, coastlines dominate beaches and sand dunes. With a holiday at the sea in Sweden in the province of Halland you are in good hands. The tourist centers of the region are Falkenberg and Varberg. Those who rent a house for a seaside holiday in Sweden in the south of Sweden, should visit the city of Ystad. You can walk in the footsteps of Henning Mankell's Commissioner Wallander through the city and its half-timbered houses. Not far from there, on the cliffs, you can admire Ales stenar. These megaliths attract every year many tourists on vacation to the sea in Sweden.

Holiday rental at the sea in Sweden in Stockholm or Gotland

In the middle of the Baltic Sea and on the coast of Sweden is the island of Gotland. A cottage for a holiday at the sea in Sweden has a special charm here. Especially in the old Hanseatic town of Visby which is a must see place. The city is surrounded by a massive wall completely intact. The historic buildings are dominated by four large ruins of the church. This truly medieval setting finds its culmination during the medieval festival in August. Further north, along the coast is the capital Stockholm. A holiday by the sea in Sweden on the Stockholm archipelago is fantastic. From here you can take the boat to the center of Stockholm to visit the city. Drottningholm Palace, the Statshuset and Wasawerft or the open-air museum Skansen are some interesting sights of the city to see. After returning from your stay on the archipelago, you can eventually enjoy nature in a rental for your holidays at the sea in Sweden.


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