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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Portugal

Rent an apartment or a rental house near the sea in Portugal - beach and sun guaranteed

Portugal and its islands await you for a sunny holiday, with rental less than two hundred meters from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. With water at a pleasant temperature (16 ° C minimum on the West of the country, and 22 ° C on the South coast), and its great diversity of beaches, Portugal is a destination that thrills its visitors every year.

You can discover the beaches of the Algarve through a three-star vacation rental by the sea

If you are especially looking for sandy beaches to stretch out at the edge of your seaside rental in Portugal, you should turn to the Algarve and its warm waters. Appreciated by holidaymakers from all over the world, the Algarve region will allow you to enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding or boogie boarding, or simply enjoying the warm waters of Faro or Albufeira during the summer. With our vacation rentals at the sea, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters and hundreds of miles of sands in the South of the country in the Algarve.

Discover unique places and incredicle views when you book a holiday home by the sea

Visit in particular the small ports and small beaches of Olhao, Albufeira, Portimao or Sagres. In Sagres, not far from the South Western tip of Portugal, you can also discover the historical monument of the fortress of Sagres. In the small typical restaurants, you can discover the culinary specialties of the country, namely many fish dishes: crustaceans, calamari etc ... Some beaches, of incredible beauty, will remain engraved in your mind. The toes sunk in the hot sand, you can admire the bright blue of the Atlantic under temperatures sometimes exceeding forty degrees in the south of the country in summer.

Go to the Portuguese islands of the Atlantic - rental houses between the sea and old volcanoes

Staying in a seafront rental house in Portugal is the opportunity to visit the Azores or Madeira Island and enjoy their subtropical climate, which are well worth the holiday temperatures in the Caribbean. In the Azores, you will be surprised by the many forests, Mediterranean plants, lagoons and natural wonders of the archipelago. The vines, developed on lava fields, are part of UNESCO World Heritage. As for the island of Madeira, belonging to an archipelago off the Moroccan coast, also has an impressive vegetation and nature lovers will appreciate the exoticism of the decor and can discover the volcanic mountains of the island. However, Madeira is not ideal for sunbathing on a sandy beach, and it is rather the sportsmen who will enjoy the seaside hiking. You will come back more relaxed than during a stay in the province of Barletta Andria Trani or holiday in the Balearic Islands. For your holidays at the sea in Portugal, you can also enjoy all the West Coast of the country. Not far from Lisbon, you can for example visit a fishing port, become a real resort: Cascais.

How about trying new water sports during your holidays by the sea in Portugal? Parasailing, canoeing or windsurfing are just some of the activities you can do on many Portuguese beaches. And if you want to visit the coast from the sea, do not hesitate to rent a watercraft. Do not wait any longer and book your holiday in sunny Portugal with our range of holiday homes and apartments close to the sea.


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