Seaside Norwegian holiday homes

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Seaside Norwegian holiday homes

Take memories and leave footprints in Rogaland

If you´re looking for a quieter, less touristy place then Norway is perfect. Rent a lovely and secluded holiday home right by the water. A great place to visit is Godalen beach in Stavanger which is part of the Rogaland region. The shimmering waters edge is surrounded by steep rocks poking out from the grassy verges. There is a small cove of firmer sand which is perfect for sunbathing and swimming in during the day and then having smoky barbecue in the evening.

Another great beach in this area is Orre beach, it is Norway´s longest beach. It has lusciously soft citrine and topaz coloured sand running along it surrounded by golden dunes covered in gold sand and smatterings of gem coloured flowers. This is the ideal place to go swimming and for long relaxing walks. It´s easy to find your own special secluded little spot as the beach is so big.

Discover the fjords

While visiting in Stavanger a place that’s not to be missed is The Lydefjord, there are several famous destinations and the views are utterly breath-taking. Or go and see The Hardangerfjord, it is a national icon in Norway, this is partly due to the fact that in the springtime the most amazing apple trees flourish in an abundance on the hillside turning it into a colourful wonderland. If you want more of an adventure then take the North Sea Cycle route which goes from Mandel to Hafrsfjord. On this you will benefit from seeing wonderful sites and varying coastal landscapes with amazing natural wonders to look at and explore further. After such a long adventure, out nothing feels better than returning to your holiday apartment and having stunning views of the water while you relax. 

Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat in Lofoten

The Lofoten islands are an amazing place to explore, you can rent a beautiful seaside holiday home by Haukland beach in Leknes. The clear aquamarine water with flecks of dark blue blends into azurite blue water.  It is the perfect setting for a relaxed family day out and the perfect spot to watch the suns last rays glimmer over the water as it comes up and then shine over the water as it comes up again in the morning.

Another great beach in the Lofoten islands where people who are very brave even surf is Unstad beach, it may be a slightly longer journey from your water side holiday accommodation however is definitely worth a trip. It´s right at the tip of the land with a lovely old rusty lighthouse, each side of the lighthouse is guarded by glisteningly smooth black rocks that are battered by the sea and right in the middle is a small strip of golden sand. Brave surfers will surf the roaring waves narrowly avoiding the rocks either side. This is a beautiful area for a picnic with a panoramic view with a never-ending ocean.

Lastly if you want to be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the northern lights then the best spot is at Uttakleiv beach, its sandy shore a scattered with rocks perfect for using as a little picnic table and stunning views of the ocean and the mountains that curve just round it.


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