Secure your holiday accommodation by the sea in the tropical Netherlands Antilles

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Secure your holiday accommodation by the sea in the tropical Netherlands Antilles

Enjoy a laid-back holiday in the Dutch Caribbean island. Let loose and live life to the fullest. Whether with family, a group of friends, as a couple or solo traveller you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time!

Here you will encounter a laid-back atmosphere, vibrant colourful beauty, idyllic settings and magnificent views. Immerse yourself into a new culture and embrace a natural sun-kissed look. Dip into the water for a nice cool down! With sunshine guaranteed all year-round booking an accommodation by the sea is the perfect way to escape the tropical heat of the Antilles.

Sun, fun and culture

In the sister islands of Bonaire and Curaçao, we offer a great selection of holiday apartments within close proximity to the seawater. You are sure to find something after your fancy. The second largest island in the Dutch Caribbean, Bonaire is a true hidden gem in the tropical island destination. It holds a great reputation for its turquoise waters, amazing landscapes and natural wonders. Furthermore, it is among the best diving resorts in the world. Since Bonaire is one of the most peaceful islands in the Antilles you can enjoy tranquillity and escape both the crowd and the stresses of everyday life. This island of the Netherlands Antilles is the perfect holiday resort if you are in search of a slow paced and leisurely trip. Although you will find a great range of sandy white beaches, this divers paradise is exclusively dedicated to water sports enthusiast – and welcome to all types of tourists! The capital Kralendijk is full of surprises! Linked historically and culturally to Holland, Bonaire is one of the most stunning islands in the Dutch Caribbean – sightseeing is a must! Offering amazing events and with activities ranging from birdwatching, ship sails in to the sunset, eco adventures and much more – there is something  for everyone. Find your perfect holiday apartment in the beautiful Netherlands Antilles, discover the lesser-known of this flat cactus covered island and begin your diving adventure!

Curaçao is the largest island in the Lesser Antilles.  It boasts of cove beaches, vibrant architecture and history: it is also the perfect destination if you are wishing to learn about cultural history. Additionally, it is said to be individualistic in Dutch Caribbean culture. With a mix of shore and boat diving available, Curaçao is also a popular resort among scuba divers. Swim along the alluring coastline at Westpunkt - a popular getaway spots for the locals. Here you can spend your day snorkelling, diving or watch the locals jump from the cliffs into the sea. Visit Playa Kenepa a beautiful public extensive beach which holds a reputation for the most beautiful coastline views, here you can also admire the corals and tropical fishes. Wander through the capital city Willemstad, check out the stunning street arts and discover the hidden gems of Curaçao. For evening entertainment attend the Thursday Punda Vibes – a festive gathering place for every generation. If this sounds like the perfect getaway, book your holiday accommodation by the sea in the Netherlands Antilles most populous island.

With unique cuisines, picturesque scenery azure waters and tropical vibe, no matter what island you decide to visit in the Netherlands Antilles you can’t go wrong. Delve into the Dutch Caribbean paradise and enjoy a memorable stay with CASAMUNDO.


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