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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Italy

Holiday Houses by the Sea in Italy

Italy, a Mediterranean peninsula shaped like a boot, is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Italy begins in the North in the Southern part of the Alps. In Italy there are also many lakes such as Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como.

Holiday houses by the sea in Italy, a successful holiday every time!

Italy is well known for being a little paradise for summer holidays. The peninsula has an endless coastline, so there is always a holiday beach, an apartment or a holiday home by the sea in Italy. The two largest islands in the country, Sicily and Sardinia, are also ideal for a seaside holiday in Italy. Here too, you will find  every city pleasant with holiday homes in Italy or apartments for rent in Italy.

The Italian capital, Rome, is world famous and historically and religiously significant. If you rent an apartment or a holiday home by the sea in Italy, you can enjoy the sun, the sea, beach holidays and pure moments of relaxation, but also the artistic and cultural treasures of the country. When traveling to Rome, for example, a stay on the Rotonda de Piazza is recommended. Holidays in the sea in Italy combine the pleasure of the ocean and nature with the joy of cultural and historical treasures.

If you want to rent a house on the Adriatic coast of Italy, to indulge in wonderful water sports. Those who like to sail and find marinas for windsurfing, can easily find vacation rentals by the sea in Italy in the immediate vicinity of a windsurfing club or an ideal spot to sail. Fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy a nice day of fishing in most ports, there is even the possibility to go out with the fishermen in the morning in some cases. An apartment in Italy, for example, in the Gargano, offers easy access to beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. Anyone looking for a holiday combination that offers both beach, antique decor and good food should come to Italy for a holiday.

The Italian food that you can cook in a holiday home by the sea in Italy or that you can order in one of the many small restaurants is fine and delicate. Of course, there are many fish dishes, in view of the obvious proximity to the sea. Other interesting places for your vacation rental on the Mediterranean coast are for example Spain or the Côte d'Azur in La France.


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