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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Greece

Holidays in Greece - Have a wonderful holiday at the sea

Whether with family, as a couple or with your friends, you will enjoy Greece through enjoying the sea, the beach and the sun. Boost your vitamin levels and top up your tan by staying as close to the coast as possible. Check out now our holiday villas in Greece and our holiday apartments by the sea! Holiday homes with a view make unforgettable moments.

Discover the various destinations at the sea in Greece!

Like Croatia, Greece has many islands on which you can spend an ideal holiday in the sea: Andros Island, Paros, Adamas or the big island of Crete. Many Greek cities reach the sea and do not require more than 20 minutes on foot such as Korfos, Kalamata, Armeni, Kastellos, Mesi or Elia.
Discover the paradisiacal landscapes of Greece!

On many islands and especially in Crete, you will meet beautiful beaches of sand and pebbles eaten by the turquoise sea. Moreover, if history interests you, Greece has many archaeological and historical sites, which will allow you to combine culture and pleasure during your trip to the sea.

In Greece, you will eventually have the opportunity to meet rather special beaches by their colour. Indeed, the island of Santorini is different from other Greek islands and offers black beaches such as Perissa and Kamari, which is due to the volcanic activity of the island.

And for those who would like to enjoy their holidays at the sea in Greece to discover new water sports: know that the country has gradually become the paradise of the following sports: kite surfing, scuba diving. Greece, with several thousand coastline is a prime sea vacation destination.


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