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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Germany

Relax on the edge of a beach in Germany

Do you really want to relax and enjoy a few days of well-deserved rest? Do it in a holiday house by the sea in Germany, this is definitely the place for you. And if you want to see something other than the sea, you can also enjoy a vacation rental near a lake in Germany. Whether you want to stay in an apartment, holiday home or cottage, a holiday by the sea in Germany is not the typical beach holiday but will offer with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable holiday in beautiful surroundings.

Your holidays at the beach in Germany

If you want to have peace during your seaside holidays in Germany and do what you want from your days, then you should think of a holiday home in Germany.

On a trip to the North Sea, for example, you can explore the islands of North East Friesland such as Sylt, Amrum or Föhr. Here you can admire the traditional architecture of town houses such as Jever, Aurich or Esen. In Germany, you can also discover fish specialties in typical German restaurants such as pickled herring, a trout dish or even eel soup. Our holiday apartments Germany or our rental houses in Germany at the sea are multiple. Thanks to our website and its various options, you will inevitably find a holiday rental Germany that meets your wishes. In Hamburg and other port cities such as Rostock or Bremerhaven, you can take a boat trip with one of the many ferries or smaller boats departing several times a day close to Landungsbrücken.

Cottages near a lake in Germany

If you have already seen the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and you do not enjoy returning to the same places twice. Rent a beautiful vacation rental near a lake in Germany. How about, for example, a cottage on Lake Alfsee? Or a cottage on Lake Koenigssee? In Schwerin, in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, you will be able to discover Schwerin Castle surrounded by lakes and parks, including the Orangery, which makes the place very pleasant. In Hamburg, the lake called Alster is particularly popular for water sports such as sailing boat or pedal boat. On its banks, you can also make beautiful walks by bike or on foot. The lake has given its name to a beer: the Alsterwasser, which you can discover during your trip across the Rhine. If you prefer a beach holiday in the south or prefer to go further north, then perhaps the following destinations are for you: in Brittany, Sardinia or Mallorca.


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