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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Denmark

Holiday house at the sea in Denmark

A holiday by the sea in Denmark allows tourists many activities such as sunbathing, construction of sandcastles, fishing or great hiking or biking. Those who have come once on holiday to the sea in Denmark always come back. Denmark is one of the favorite tourist countries in Europe. We warmly invite you to plan your next holidays in Denmark at sea, especially in cities like Copenhagen, Aalborg ... During your holidays at the sea in Denmark you will see one of the oldest and most beautiful amusement parks Tivoli is located in the center of Copenhagen all over the world. Fans of fashion will be thrilled in Denmark, they can go shopping in the many shops and boutiques of the city of Copenhagen.

Discover the diversity of Denmark with a seaside holiday in Denmark

Denmark is made up of many islands on which there is much to discover as on Bornholm Island. Each island is characterized by different flora and fauna. There are many pretty gardens and cliffs overlooking white sand beaches. Who is on vacation at the sea in Denmark, can partly join the islands with a bridge or ferry. What is certain is that the proximity of the sea makes the quality of the holiday perfect. To relax during your vacation at the sea, you can take long walks on the beach and swim in the ocean. Denmark has a great advantage: its untouched landscape and nature. Those wishing to stay away from mass seaside tourism as can be found on some beaches of the Costa Brava or Costa del Sol in Spain, come to Denmark. We also offer beach holiday rentals in Denmark, where your four-legged friend will be welcome for a dog holiday.

If you want to spend a holiday more south than a holiday in the sea in Denmark, the following destinations may be for you, Tuscany in Italy, the beaches of the French Riviera in France, Calpe in Spain or you can possibly spend family holidays in Greece.


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