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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in Croatia

Dream holidays by the sea in Croatia

Every year thousands go on holiday to the sea to enjoy the beach and the sun. With several hundred islands, we recommend to you Croatia for a beautiful holiday in the Adriatic Sea.
Here are the advantages of such Croatian holidays to the sea! Accommodation by the sea allows you to expereince a laid back holiday without travelling to enjoy the view and the sea air.

Croatia has various seaside destinations, including the island of Brac, the island of Hvar, but also the following cities: Rovinj, Pula, Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik. During your stay in Croatian holiday homes at the sea, you will have the opportunity to extend your towel on many of the most beautiful beaches in the world! For example, the Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brač is one of them. This beautiful pebble beach changes shapes according to the sea currents.

The Sveti Ivan beach on the island of Cres is also one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in Croatia. It has the particularity of being just below the village Lubenice, built on a cliff at more than 350 meters. above sea level. This beach is in-accessible by car, so you will have to walk about an hour to get there. Once arrived, you will realise that walking was worth it to enjoy the sea view.

During your holiday by the sea in Croatia, you may discover some water sports such as windsurfing or surfing. The intense blue sea makes these sports particularly pleasant. When you stay in a holiday home by the sea in Croatia you can enjoy scuba diving, whether to discover dolphins, starfish, different corals and reefs of the Adriatic Sea or some wrecks such as the Austro-Hungarian warship named "Szent Istvan", a well-preserved wreck of 152 meters long cast in 1918 near Susak. Renting a holiday home in Croatia will allow you to discover all of this and more.


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