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Book holiday acccommodation by the sea in Belgium

Holiday rental in Belgium at the Sea - the surf calls!

Belgium is divided into three regions: Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia that you can discover during your holidays at the sea in Belgium. Together with the Netherlands and Luxembourg, it forms the Benelux States and is bordered on the west by the North Sea. A long land border exists between Belgium and France, Belgium is also bounded on the east by Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to the north.
Unlike the upper region of Wallonia, the Flanders coastal area is less than 200 meters above sea level. Countless attractive holiday homes are found on 66.5 km of coastline. Discover the holidays at the sea in Belgium with its beautiful coastal areas in all its beauty and enjoy your well-deserved break in a comfortable rental on the North Sea. If you like a holiday in the sea in Belgium, you will surely like the idea of a spa holiday in the Baltic Sea or in Caldaro.

Holiday rental at the beach in Belgium

During your holidays at the sea in Belgium, you will have some interesting cities to visit. In the first place, Bruges, which represents the capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders. The medieval town is largely intact. During your holidays at the sea in Belgium, it is worth visiting the numerous historical and art museums such as the Groeninge Museum, the Hospitaalmuseum, the Vrije Brugse or the Diamond Museum. A must for any historian is the Archaeological Museum of Bruges. Even the Fry Museum is in the provincial capital. Also visit the many historic buildings, highly recommended. One of the most beautiful places in Bruges is the Basilica of the Holy Blood, with its medieval atmosphere. The cathedral "Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk" is a compulsory passage during your holidays at the sea in Belgium, the church is known for the Virgin and the Child of Michelangelo.

De Panne is a cosmopolitan holiday resort, very popular for family holidays and beach lovers. The wide variety of events, the amazing architecture and a variety of beautiful places and diverse shops make De Panne a great destination.
And for those looking to enjoy fish dishes during their holiday at the sea in Belgium, the seaside resort of Zeebrugge has everything you need to seduce you. In the harbor arrives every day fresh fish, you can rightly call Zeebrugge "the mecca of the seafood".

If you are looking for a beautiful seaside cottage or holiday apartment by the sea in Belgium, Ostend is an ideal destination. Whether for a family vacation or a romantic trip. When you leave your holiday at the sea in Belgium, you can go through the casino or spa in Ostend. Five beaches, multiple sports complexes and other leisure facilities as well as multiple restaurants and shops make the city an idyllic destination for a relaxing holiday on the seaside in Belgium.


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