Holiday Accommodation by the Sea

A holiday home by the sea is a great way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the coastline. Although usually a popular choice for many visitors, many holiday homes on offer on the coast are far away from large tourist complexes and towering hotels.

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Holiday homes by the sea are spread across all areas of Europe and can be visited at any time of year. With many locations set in areas of great natural beauty, there are plenty of opportunities to partake in hikes, walks, fishing and sailing. During the summer season, a holiday home or apartment by the sea can bring welcome solitude to the heat after spending a day on the beach, in the sea or exploring nearby towns.

European Holiday Homes by the Sea

A popular hotspot for holiday apartments on the coast is Italy. With over 4,700 miles of glorious coastline, it won't take you long to find your dream seaside holiday home. Arguably one of the most wonderful locations is the rugged and incredibly beautiful Cinque Terre portion of coast, located on the north edge of the country. Here there is plenty of space to relax, hike the mountainous terrain between villages and catch the Mediterranean sun - not to mention indulge in the local delicacies. 

Other recommendable locations for coastal holiday homes lie north in Scandinavia. Although this might not be the first place that comes to mind, Scandanavia offers a huge, diverse range of coastline to explore. Here, you can find charming holiday cottages in the undisturbed nature in Sweden or Finland. As these countries have countless waterways, many holiday homes are situated near lakes as well as the coast, meaning it it possible to sail on both salt and freshwater. Although it is milder weather, Scandanavian holiday homes are the ideal location to relax and rejuvenate. If you are however,  looking for a little winter sun, enjoy your break in a holiday home by the sea in Madeira. A Portuguese island, Madeira is an ideal spot for sun-seekers with mild temperatures and up to ten hours of sunshine a day during winter. Not only are you almost guaranteed  some warmer weather, visiting Madeira during the winter season will mean less visitors and therefore a more peaceful and relaxing stay.  Being an island, you are never far from the ocean, however Madeira also offers many inland spots and villages to explore. During the summer, your coastal accommodation will be a welcome sight to cool down from the Mediterranean sun.                                                                              

Holiday homes by the sea with dogs

What better place to bring your four-legged friend with, than the beach? Dog-friendly holiday homes on the coast are available across all of our destinations, but double check the beaches' restrictions prior to your holiday. Bringing your dog along for your trip allows you to not only explore the shoreline, but also local parks and seaside where they can join in the fun with you. If your pet isn't a good traveller, there are plenty of holiday homes close to the coast in the UK. Whitby, a small seaside town on the north-eastern coast of England, is a great spot for enjoying a traditional British coastal resort and the perfect spot to bring your dog for a well-deserved break.  Whether travelling in summer or winter, your holiday rental by the sea will provide you with the perfect base to explore the surrounding coastline from. Happy travels!

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