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Explore holiday homes, apartments and sublime chalets in Switzerland

When people think of Switzerland, they often picture rolling hills and snow-capped mountains, endless hiking trails, beautiful calm lakes, sparkling glaciers, lush green countryside, picturesque old towns and cities with the sounds of cowbells clanging somewhere in the distant Alps...
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Simple booking process - satisfied customers
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Extensive customer support
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Large variety and secure booking

Holiday rentals with wifi

Stay connected: Browse holiday rentals in Switzerland with high-speed internet!

Apartment  Lucerne
5 Oct - 12 Oct
£94 per night
70 m² Apartment ∙ 5 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Lucerne, Switzerland
Free cancellation
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Apartment  Nax
7 Sept - 14 Sept
£132 per night
115 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Nax, Hérens, Switzerland
Free cancellation
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Apartment  Gerra
1 Nov - 8 Nov
£110 per night
Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Gerra, Gambarogno, Switzerland
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Apartments and holiday lettings with a kitchen

Culinary bliss: Book a holiday rental on the beach in Switzerland with a fully equipped kitchen today!

Chalet  Cevio
12 Oct - 19 Oct
£126 per night
70 m² Chalet ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Cevio, Vallemaggia, Switzerland
Free cancellation
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Apartment  Isenthal
31 May - 7 Jun
£125 per night
100 m² Apartment ∙ 5 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Isenthal, Uri, Switzerland
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Chalet  Chevroux
22 Jun - 29 Jun
£127 per night
Chalet ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Very good (3 ratings)
Chevroux, Broye-Vully District, Switzerland
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Holiday Homes with a Patio or Terrace

Sunset serenity: Book your Switzerland holiday rental with a private terrace - relaxation awaits!

Apartment  Quarten
19 Oct - 26 Oct
£173 per night
150 m² Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Outstanding (1 rating)
Quarten, Sarganserland, Switzerland
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House  St. Gallen
22 Jun - 29 Jun
£29 per night
12 m² House ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
St. Gallen, Switzerland
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House  Poschiavo
7 Sept - 14 Sept
£147 per night
90 m² House ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Excellent (25 ratings)
Poschiavo, Bernina District, Switzerland
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Switzerland: our recommendations

Discover the best offers in Switzerland for your next holiday, starting at £65 per night.

Apartment Heiden
24 Aug - 31 Aug
£67 per night
30 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Heiden, Vorderland, Switzerland
Free cancellation
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Studio flat Celerina/Schlarigna
31 Aug - 7 Sept
£71 per night
20 m² Studio flat ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Outstanding (2 ratings)
Celerina/Schlarigna, Oberengadin, Switzerland
Free cancellation
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Apartment Samedan
22 Jun - 29 Jun
£198 per night
Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Very good (1 rating)
Samedan, Oberengadin, Switzerland
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House Brissago
28 Oct - 4 Nov
£196 per night
240 m² House ∙ 5 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Good (4 ratings)
Brissago, Locarno, Switzerland
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Apartment Sils Maria
29 Jun - 6 Jul
£206 per night
60 m² Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
(2 ratings)
Sils Maria, Sils im Engadin/Segl, Switzerland
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Apartment Wiler (Lötschen)
19 Oct - 26 Oct
£100 per night
96 m² Apartment ∙ 10 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Wiler (Lötschen), Raron, Switzerland
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Apartment Lugano
1 Mar - 8 Mar
£109 per night
61 m² Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Very good (42 ratings)
Lugano, Lugano District, Switzerland
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Apartment Saas Fee
22 Jun - 29 Jun
£98 per night
120 m² Apartment ∙ 8 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Very good (31 ratings)
Saas Fee, Visp, Switzerland
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Apartment Silvaplana
22 Jun - 29 Jun
£68 per night
31 m² Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Very good (30 ratings)
Silvaplana, Oberengadin, Switzerland
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Rent holiday homes in Switzerland - Whatever the Season!

Well, although some of these may be somewhat cliché, perhaps they could become a reality if you choose to book holiday homes in Switzerland for your vacation this year! Switzerland is primarily a mountainous country, which is landlocked and surrounded by 5 other countries, hernce its 4 national languages of French, German, Italian and Romansh. The picture-perfect scenery makes it the perfect location for family outdoor adventure holidays like cycling and walking, but this country is also famous for its spas, making it an equally suitable destination for a romantic break or a girly group getaway. It's not just the countryside of this country that attracts visitors - the urban areas of Switzerland are beautiful too, home to amazing architecture, modern shopping centres and trendy bars, as well as medieval old towns with UNESCO status, like that of Bern, the country's capital. Discover Switzerland for yourself by booking a private rental property – the best way to experience all that the country has to offer.

Lake Geneva

The buzzing multicultural city of Geneva is in the west of the country, right on the border meeting the Alps in France, where you can visit the historic town of Chamonix and ski down its many slopes, which are suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, but are particularly apt for those who are more adventurous and advanced. Geneva is a great city to stay in if you're looking for luxury ski holidays, as it is an international modern city with a cosmopolitan flair. Home to plenty of high class restaurants, lakeside walkways and upmarket shops, it's got plenty to keep you busy while you're not whooshing down the pistes or relaxing in one of the luxury holiday apartments in Switzerland which are available to rent in Geneva. Skiing areas such as La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand and Flaine are only an hour away, and are all good ski slopes to take the children to if it's their first time going on a skiing holiday in Switzerland, as there are plenty of gentle slopes for beginner and intermediate skiers.
Geneva is not only a destination for skiing: there are also plenty of festivals and attractions on offer here throughout the year, such as the Antigel Festival in February celebrating music and dance featuring an aeroplane show above the lake to open the festivities, Geneva Music Festival, Geneva Lake Parade and the Fêtes de Genève, a (free!) ten day long party with floats, music, rides and fireworks. You can take boat trips either around the bay or the whole lake, and get the best views of the impressive 140m high water jet, which is often lit up during the warmer months. If you love being on the water, why not go for a swim in it instead of just taking a boat tour? There are many small beaches or rocks to sit on along its shores where you can have a peaceful picnic or take a dip (or both!).

Zurich and Surrounding Cities

The city of Zurich is often thought to be the capital of Switzerland, perhaps due to its size (it is the largest of the Swiss cities), and it has also been named as one of the cities in Europe with the best quality of life. So, if you need a break from the daily stresses of your life, then this is the ideal destination to book holiday homes in Switzerland! In a stunning setting with a remarkable mountainous backdrop, this city is very easy to get to, by train, plane or car, as it is situated in a very central location. Although Zurich is an urban area filled with international fashion labels, artsy, trendy clubs and bars and plenty of open air events during the warmer months, it is also watched over by Uetliberg - a mountain towering above the rooftops. If you want some spectacular views over Zürich and the surrounding valleys, then this is the place to go; from here, go on hikes or bike rides, or sledding if you visit during the winter!
Situated fairly close to Zurich (about an hour by train or car) is the oldest university city in Switzerland, Basel, located on the river Rhine at the point where the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland meet. Basel is a real hub for art lovers, as it houses 40 museums as well as a lot of old architecture which is worth checking out during your stay in holiday homes in Switzerland. Visiting the old town, the Münster Cathedral, the Rathaus, Spalentor (Spalen City Gate) and taking a dip in the Rhine (weather permitting) are all possibilities here.
Another city which is less than an hour away from Zurich is picturesque Lucerne, a popular tourist destination thanks to its lakeside location, the nearby mountains Pilatus, Rigi and Stanserhorn which are excellent spots for hiking and mountain biking, as well as its cultural events such as the Lucerne Carnival, the Summer Night Festival, and the 3-times-a-year Lucerne Festival, which showcases classical music from internationally renowned orchestras from all around the globe. The wandering Lake Lucerne makes for a great location for cruising and discovering all of its twists and turns. Take a boat trip, or hire a canoe or kayak and get a different perspective of the lake, and you are allowed to swim in parts of it too, so take a dip if you're tired out and want a refreshing way to cool down! While you're here, don't forget to see the famous lion monument, which is a beautiful memorial for mercenary soldiers who died in the French Revolution.

Skiing and Switzerland in Winter

Switzerland is probably most famously a destination for those who are planning family skiing holidays here, as it is in a great position snuggled in the Alps between other countries which are also popular amongst skiers. Thanks to its central position, if you rent a holiday home in Switzerland in the skiing area of the Alps, you will also have easy access to places like Trentino in Italy and Vorarlberg and Tyrol in Austria, for example.

A great place for winter holidays in Switzerland is Interlaken, although this area is in fact popular all year round (and is one of Switzerland's most beloved tourist resorts), as the mountains in the Jungfrau region make for a good spot to carry out sports such as skydiving, paragliding and canyoning during the summer, as well as winter sports like skiing and snowboarding during the colder months. Skiing in Zermatt is also a good choice, as it is home to the Matterhorn, although this doesn't mean that there are only pistes suitable for advanced skiers – there are plenty of different trails for skiers of all levels. This resort also has skiing and snowboarding during the summer! Other winter sports here include winter hiking, sledding, tobogganing and ice sports, so there's no way you'll get bored! Other areas in Switzerland which are popular for skiing are Davos and St. Moritz in Graubünden and Grindelwald, amongst many others! If you like the sound of a ski trip but you've been to Switzerland before, try Zell am See in Austria, or how about Levi in Lapland, Finland for something a bit more unique?

Switzerland Summer Activities – Walking and Cycling Holidays

Don't be fooled into thinking that Switzerland is only good for a winter break – summer holidays are just as popular here, especially for those who love the great outdoors! There is a strong hiking and mountain biking culture amongst those who book self catering holiday apartments in Switzerland during the sunny months, as the scenery is perfect for jaw-dropping views of mountains and valleys, lakes and moors with pretty wild flowers. There are both guided and self-guided walks available. Mountain biking is another fun summer activity for all the family, and there are plenty of different routes and trails, so there will be something suitable for everyone's standard. The kids will love Switzerland's longest summer toboggan run (from the peak of Fräkmüntegg, 30 minutes away from Lucerne) with all of its twisting bends and tunnels and the incredible views surrounding it.
Whatever you end up doing during your stay in a rental property in Switzerland, you're sure to come home with lots of lovely memories. Have a good time!

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What are the most popular accommodations in Switzerland?

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Prices start at just £29 per night. Most house rentals in Switzerland are 107 m² and apartment rental are 71 m².

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We have the perfect options for you and your furry companions. Apartment rental are the most pet-friendly type of accommodations in Switzerland and cost an average of £187 per night.

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We have a great range of accommodations for groups in Switzerland. On average, the apartment rental has space for 4 guests.

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