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Extending over the whole country, the Trnav region is apart from Bratislava the only region which has a broder to the Czech republic with its holiday cottages Bohemian Forest and also to Hungary, where you'll find a wide range of Lake Balaton North Accommodation.The Trnav region enjoys a temperate climate, giving visitors a full range of activities throughout the four seasons. Trnav has often been called Slavic Rome, or Little Rome, because it has such fine architecture and fine history. It was the seat for Catholic archbishops for many years during the middle ages, and was recently revived as a seat in 1977. With a wide array of culture and cuisine, Trnav, Slovakia has something to offer every traveler, whether that be a quiet getaway, romantic rendezvous, or a party excursion.If you are interested in history you will fall in love with Trnav. The West-Slovak Museum is available to the public and has artifacts and exhibits every week. There is also historical architecture throughout the city. Most of these structures will be within walking distance of the many holiday homes Trnav. Trnav region is also famous for having a quiet countryside, with many holiday villas. Trnav region can accommodate the history lover in or outside its city walls.


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