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Leiden, in the south of Holland, is a university city – twinned with Oxford – with a population of around 120,000. There's plenty for everybody to do with holiday rentals Leiden - whether for a long weekend, or an entire week. The old town in the centre has typically Dutch architecture and many canals, and offers great shopping and eating opportunities; rent a bike, or go out on foot, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Don't miss Leiden's most beautiful canal, the Rapenburg, which is the perfect spot for a romantic stroll.

Leiden is home to a number of good museums, for example the National Museums of Ethnology, Antiquities, and Natural History, the SieboldHuis museum of Japanese culture, and the American Pilgrim Museum. Head to the market on the bank of the Nieuwe Rijn to see a vast selection of local cheeses, breads, and other produce, as well as flowers. The numerous terraces around the market are a good place to take a break and people watch.

With a holiday rental Leiden you'll get close to the city's most unique feature: between 1992 and 2005, over a hundred poems in various languages were painted onto walls of buildings around the city. Leiden also celebrates their own festival, simply called the 3 Oktober Festival, in memory of the siege of Leiden in the 16th century. There are parades, firework displays, free herring rolls handed out to festival goers, a fun fair, and more. Not far from Leiden are the Kaag Lakes, or Kagerplassen, a popular area for watersports, walking, and fishing. In the summer they are particularly lovely, and make for a great day trip from your Leiden holiday rental, as does the coastal resort of Noordwijk.

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