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Discover the ideal holiday rental for your stay in Attica

The birthplace of democracy and the cradle of Western civilization are often said to have been the Greek capital Athens.

Holiday lettings and apartments with air conditioning

Book your stay in an air-conditioned holiday rental in Attica!

Apartment  Athens
20 Jul - 27 Jul
£55 per night
60 m² Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Attica
Air conditioning
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Apartment  Athens
2 Mar - 9 Mar
£42 per night
27 m² Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Attica
Air conditioning
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Apartment  Exarcheia
7 Dec - 14 Dec
£98 per night
46 m² Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Exarcheia, Athens, Attica
Air conditioning
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Apartments and holiday lettings with a kitchen

Culinary bliss: Book a holiday rental on the beach in Attica with a fully equipped kitchen today!

House  Idra
24 Feb - 2 Mar
£120 per night
46 m² House ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Idra, Hydra, Attica
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Apartment  Thiseio
22 Jun - 29 Jun
£54 per night
40 m² Apartment ∙ 3 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Thiseio, Athens, Attica
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Apartment  Athens
11 Mar - 18 Mar
£95 per night
120 m² Apartment ∙ 8 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Outstanding (2 ratings)
Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Attica
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Holiday rentals with wifi

Stay connected: Browse holiday rentals in Attica with high-speed internet!

Apartment  Athens
7 Dec - 14 Dec
£50 per night
45 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Attica
Free cancellation
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House  Artemida
28 Sept - 5 Oct
£38 per night
61 m² House ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Artemida, Artemis, Attica
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Apartment  Psyri
13 Apr - 20 Apr
£60 per night
70 m² Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Psyri, Athens, Attica
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Attica: Our recommendations

Discover the best offers in Attica for your next holiday, starting at £38 per night.

House Porto Germeno
20 Apr - 27 Apr
£114 per night
90 m² House ∙ 5 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Excellent (10 ratings)
Porto Germeno, Vilia, Attica
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Farmhouse Nea Politia
24 Feb - 2 Mar
£47 per night
68 m² Farmhouse ∙ 5 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Nea Politia, Oropioi, Attica
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Apartment Alimos
22 Feb - 29 Feb
£140 per night
120 m² Apartment ∙ 5 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Alimos, South Athens, Attica
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Holiday Rentals Athens and Athens Holiday Homes

This city was home to the great Greek philosophers, writers, and politicians on whose thoughts many Western thinking is based. This rich cultural heritage can still be felt in modern Athens, with its marvellous ancient Greek, Greek-Roman and Neoclassical architecture paired with modern buildings. The city of the goddess Athena, whose temple sits in the Acropolis that looks over the entire city, draws millions of visitors each year with its historic charm. The Acropolis of Athens is a classic symbol of the influence of the ancient Greek civilization – set atop its hill, the Parthenon is visible from most parts of the city. Chances are, if you step out onto the balcony of your Athens holiday rental, you'll catch a glimpse of it.

Everything's on Hand in Attica & Athens Holiday Apartments

But this most famous site is far from the only thing to see in Athens. From your Athens holiday rental, you can easily reach a variety of museums with some of the finest collections of Greek-Roman artefacts in the world. For sports enthusiasts, the birthplace of the Olympic Games offers plenty of entertainment, with opportunities for cycling, sailing, swimming, yachting, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. Athens sits in the Attica basin, and in the Attica area one can also find many interesting historical sites as well as fine Athens holiday apartments, to provide the perfect accommodation for your Athens holiday. Also located in Attica is the city of Marathon, site of the Battle of Marathon and the subsequent first running of a marathon. Try your own hand at running, then regain your strength with a nice long nap in your Athens holiday rental. Explore more of Greece and book holiday accommodation on the islands of Crete and Cos.

The heart of Greece´s culture

You don’t need to be a massive history buff or a massive fan of archaeology but The Parthenon is definitely a must visit. Climb up the steps and see one of the wonders of the ancient world, it symbolizes some of the highest achievements of mankind and therefore makes it a priceless part of Greece to visit. Explore the stunning remains, learn all about how without the Greeks we may now have been living in a much less civilized world and take some really cool snaps.

Crazy about Greek food

One of the liveliest places that you’ll find in Athens is the Central Market, seeing all the mouthwatering delicious fresh food will literally make your stomach growl on site. Great varieties of succulent meats of the finest cut and quality, fresh vegetables and succulently tantalizing fruits are part of the many different fresh local produce on offer. It is also filled with lovely little restaurants tucked away serving some of the lovely fresh produced cooked and ready to eat.

Romance in Athens

The oldest neighbourhood in the city is Plaka, not only is it a historical treasure but it is also a gorgeous little oasis to wander through. Pastel coloured candy houses line the deep orange and red fired pathways with colourful flowering vines overhanging them in vibrant colours. Within its winding pathways is a whole assortment of treasures from cute yet kitschy shops to the workshops of budding artists, gorgeous little restaurants where you can sit outside under the stars and have a candle lit dinner with your loved one. With many great things to do like watching a movie outdoors being screened on a crumbling old building while you cosy up together in the pleasant weather to getting lost while exploring and discovering the ancient Greek and Roman ruins scattered all over the town in between the beautiful 19th century old older buildings and Byzantine churches.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular accommodations in Attica?

The most booked accommodations in Attica are apartment rental and house rentals. We search from more than 937 accommodations in Attica to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

What does it cost to rent a holiday home in Attica?

Prices start at just £38 per night. Most house rentals in Attica are 107 m² and apartment rental are 71 m².

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rental in Attica?

If you are travelling with your pet, we have the perfect solution: Apartment rental are the most pet-friendly accommodation types in Attica. On average a pet-friendly rental costs £235 per night.

Do you also offer accommodations that are suitable for groups in Attica ?

We have a great range of accommodations for groups in Attica. On average, the apartment rental has space for 4 guests.

What are the most popular holiday destinations in Attica?

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