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Discover the ideal holiday rental for your stay in Hamburg

The beautiful Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking for a city break without the tourist bubble that can come with some European capitals.

Holiday rentals with wifi

Stay connected: Browse holiday rentals in Hamburg with high-speed internet!

Private room  Sülldorf
24 Feb - 2 Mar
£99 per night
60 m² Private room ∙ 6 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Sülldorf, Altona, Hamburg
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Apartment  Lokstedt
2 Nov - 9 Nov
£83 per night
55 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Lokstedt, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg
Free cancellation
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Boat  Neuland
6 Apr - 13 Apr
£151 per night
23 m² Boat ∙ 3 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Neuland, Harburg, Hamburg
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Apartments and holiday lettings with a kitchen

Culinary bliss: Book a holiday rental on the beach in Hamburg with a fully equipped kitchen today!

Apartment  Harburg
8 Jan - 15 Jan
£312 per night
170 m² Apartment ∙ 11 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Outstanding (1 rating)
Harburg, Hamburg, Germany
Free cancellation
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Apartment  Eimsbüttel
4 Jan - 11 Jan
£145 per night
80 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Eimsbüttel, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg
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Apartment  Bramfeld
25 Feb - 3 Mar
£77 per night
35 m² Apartment ∙ 3 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Bramfeld, Wandsbek, Hamburg
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Holiday Homes with a Patio or Terrace

Sunset serenity: Book your Hamburg holiday rental with a private terrace - relaxation awaits!

Apartment  Lokstedt
7 Sept - 14 Sept
£89 per night
39 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Lokstedt, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg
Free cancellation
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Apartment  Eilbek
24 Feb - 2 Mar
£163 per night
49 m² Apartment ∙ 3 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Eilbek, Wandsbek, Hamburg
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Boat  Neuland
7 Sept - 14 Sept
£160 per night
23 m² Boat ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Neuland, Harburg, Hamburg
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Hamburg: Our recommendations

Discover the best offers in Hamburg for your next holiday, starting at £54 per night.

Boat Neuland
6 Apr - 13 Apr
£111 per night
10 m² Boat ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Neuland, Harburg, Hamburg
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House Lurup
24 Feb - 2 Mar
£272 per night
150 m² House ∙ 10 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Lurup, Altona, Hamburg
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Apartment Bramfeld
21 Feb - 28 Feb
£130 per night
70 m² Apartment ∙ 7 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Bramfeld, Wandsbek, Hamburg
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Enjoy a holiday in the Hanseatic city with apartments in Hamburg

The second largest city in Germany, water surrounds Hamburg and plays an important part in the city's culture too, from its public transport by ferry to the traditional Hamburg Fischbrötchen (fish sandwich). With the river Elbe running through the heart of the city all the way from the neighbouring state of Lower Saxony, and with so many boats and ships passing through here every day, it is no surprise that Hamburg's port is the second largest in Europe after Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There is also the Alster lake which is right in the heart of Hamburg in the city centre, so it's no wonder that there are more bridges here than in Amsterdam and Venice put together.

Discover the beautiful canals of the Speicherstadt

One of the most recently developed areas, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Speicherstadt, is truly magnificent – it holds the title of the world's largest contiguous warehouse complex, with its Gothic architecture lying amongst the many canals in the area. There is lots for visitors to do there, whether you're looking for museums, cafés, restaurants or simply fancy a stroll along the Elbe and admire the wonderful view. Nearby is the St. Nikolai Church, which stands as a memorial for the victims of the Second World War, with a museum well worth visiting underground. You can also go to the top of the now burnt out church for a small fee and have a beautiful overview of the entire city.

Hamburg accommodation – perfect for a family holiday

Hamburg is a great location for a family holiday, and booking a rental property here offers plenty of opportunities for yourself and the children. One of the more intriguing attractions for the whole family is the Elbetunnel, a tunnel which stretches underneath the river Elbe and when you walk all the way across underneath from the entrance at Landungsbrücken, you get to experience a wonderful view of Hamburg from across the other side of the river. During your stay in holiday apartments in Hamburg, why not take the kids to Tierpark Hagenbeck, the Hamburg Zoo, where you can meet creatures from all walks of life.

Experience the nightlife in St Pauli

Hamburg is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, from its notorious red-light district and nightclub area in Reeperbahn to the more alternative scene in Sternschanze, where you'll find plenty of bars and restaurants. After your night out in St Pauli, there's no need to head straight back to your holiday home or apartment - be sure to make a trip to the fish market in nearby Altona first, which opens at the crack of dawn every Sunday morning.

Stunning views and moonlight walks on a romantic getaway to Hamburg

This northern German city has a lot to offer couples with its beautiful architecture, romantic walks and relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy this city in the summer or the winter, as the city is used to unpredictable weather so has all the amenities necessary to cope with an unexpected shower!

One of the most romantic places in Hamburg is undoubtedly the Binnenalster and the Alster. These are two sections of the Elbe river which run into Hamburg. Shops, cafés and pathways have been built around them so it is even more enjoyable to walk around. From one side of the Binnenalster, either on the bridge or under the bridge you will experience a fantastic view of the city, this is even more stunning at night, when the lights of the city reflect the water. If you visit in autumn, you will be able to experience gorgeous colour of the trees around the Binnenalster and walk with your partner through the natural arches whilst enjoying the view. Sometimes events are held around Binnenalster, and you are able to walk around and taste the local cuisine. There is also a beach bar if you are there in the summer, the perfect place for a romantic meal and a relaxed drink or two.

If you enjoy experiencing nature with your partner, then the parks of Stadtpark and Planten un Blumen are perfect places for you to go. These parks are perfect if you want to enjoy some peace and serenity with your loved one in Hamburg and they are also free to visit. Planten un Blumen in the summer months offers a fountain light show in the evening accompanied by music, perfect for a romantic evening picnic with your partner.

When you book a romantic getaway to Hamburg – experience diverse sceneries

If you go on a romantic getaway to Hamburg, then a romantic boat trip around Speicherstadt is a must. Starting at the Landungsbrücke port, this boat trip will take you through Speicherstadt, with its stunning old warehouses and beautiful bridges. This is the best way to experience this part of the city and also learn about the history of Hamburg, as you can opt for a tour guide to tell you about the history on your journey. Sternschanze is a quarter in Hamburg with a ‘Berlin-esque’ buzz, if you fancy experiencing something a bit different. With cafés, bars and restaurants on every corner and live music in abundance, Sternschanze is a really great place to go with your partner to experience a chilled yet vibrant atmosphere.

A sailors breakfast

While in Hamburg it is a must to try the local specialty labskaus, it is the German version of an English breakfast with potatoes, corned beef, beetroot, fried egg, pickles, onions and rollmops (pickled rolled herring). The best time to try labskaus is after a good night out because it has a reputation as being a very good hangover cure. It originates from the 16th century where German sailors and the poor had very slim pickings food wise, especially since they didn’t have fridges to keep things cold. Therefore, it was important for the seamen to work out how to preserve the ingredients that they had available. So, everything was combined into one heavy breakfast that is known now as labskaus.

Shipwrecked in Blankenese

Blankenese is a lovely place to visit and it holds a certain charm that can only come naturally, it is often called the Treppenviertel which means the steps quarter. One of the best things about Hamburg is that you not only have a gorgeous city to explore, a stunning harbor to wander around but also lovely sandy beaches for those hot city days where you can cool down in the icy sea waters. Blankenese is home to one of the most beautiful hiking trials as well as gorgeous houses that are perched on the side of a big hill that makes up the little town and wonderful views, it is filled with winding lanes and stairs, a Mediterranean feel that transports you into a completely different world and plenty of shops and delicious restaurants. However, a great attraction is its beach that sits at the bottom of its hillside, their you’ll find a shipwreck from 1926 where an old Finnish boats engine exploded along the Kiel – Canal and was then left smoldering along the beach of Blankenese. It now creates a breakwater, you can walk along the shipwreck when the tides low and there’s old submarine scraps too left over from world war two there. It´s an amazing place to spend the day exploring and discovering.

The leaning restaurant of Hamburg

The Hafencity in Hamburg is another great place to explore and full of charm. While exploring see if you can find the Oberhafen – Kantine, this small restaurant leans slightly forwards due to hundreds of years of storm floods which have washed out the soil beneath it causing it to lean. Its dark red rust coloured breaks and pointy arched windows all only add to the charm of this little lunch spot. It has been serving lunch to the dockworkers since the 1920s, at this time drinking was a big problem and therefore Herman Sparr opened it as a Kaffeeklappe, a place where the workers could come for a meal and a nice hot drink and not be tempted by all those lovely German beers. It’s had a long and slightly rough history, it was kept in the Sparr family until 1997 when Anita Sparr died. However, that little restaurant is a true landmark and after being closed down it was reopened with a complete renovation and has survived two more floods. It´s the last Kaffeeklappe and the oldest and therefore makes it an absolute must visit.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular accommodations in Hamburg?

The most popular accommodation types in Hamburg are apartment rental and private room. With 37 accommodations in Hamburg, the perfect holiday home is only one click away.

What does it cost to rent a holiday home in Hamburg?

With Casamundo you can find rentals in Hamburg starting at £53. On average, you will stay in a 60 m² (Private room) or a 61 m² (Apartment rental).

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rental in Hamburg?

We have the perfect options for you and your furry companions. Apartment rental are the most pet-friendly type of accommodations in Hamburg and cost an average of £115 per night.

Do you also offer accommodations that are suitable for groups in Hamburg ?

We have a great range of accommodations for groups in Hamburg. On average, the apartment rental has space for 4 guests.

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