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The smell of sea air and delectable French cuisine characterise the refined, yet rustic charm of a French holiday on the Brittany peninsula. A widely popular holiday destination, Brittany has the unique advantage of a temperate climate, as it is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and receives the warm winds of the Gulf Stream.

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Trégunc, Finistere, Brittany
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Plouescat, Finistere, Brittany
150 m² House
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3.5 / 2
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Locquirec, Finistere, Brittany
180 m² House
6 3
4.3 / 4
from £1,020
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From holiday cottages to villas, you can choose from a wide range of holiday rentals. Brittany has, in addition to the national French tongue, a local, native language called Breton, which is related to the languages spoken in Cornwall and Wales in the UK, just north of this French region. This Celtic language can even be found on bilingual street signs in certain parts of the peninsula. Indeed, remnants of the region's Celtic history – be it the folklore or the huge stonework structures and monoliths that spot the province – are beloved amongst the locals, and prized by the visitors and tourists who come to experience the magic of holidays in Brittany.

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Get a taste of French food and drink in Brittany

The cuisine in Brittany is known for its uniqueness, as it doesn’t fall into the simple “French cuisine” category that holidaymakers might expect from their holiday here. Heavily influenced by its fishing communities, seafood will often be found on the menu during your stay in holiday rentals in Brittany. In fact, Brittany produces nearly 80 per cent of all of France's shellfish, from oysters to mussels. When it comes to beverages, Brittany once again provides an alternative to the typical French choice of wine. Whilst Bordeaux is all about the Merlot, it’s Brittany that will serve you a tall, frothy glass of native French beer. Although wines won for some time, over the past few decades Brittany has re-emerged as a beer producing and consuming region, and there are several breweries where good French beers can be found, providing holidaymakers staying in Brittany apartments with the fun activity of beer tasting. Brittany is also known for its cider – it’s the second biggest cider producer in all of France, and even has a small white wine region.

Brittany: Further inspiration

Enjoy a relaxing holiday with Brittany apartments

One of the focal points of Brittany can be found in the enchanted forest of Huelgoat in the department of Finistère, whose mysterious creeks and babbling brooks with smooth, moss covered stones seem to come straight from a fairytale. Morbihan is another great location for your Brittany apartments, whether you'd like to stay on an island off the Gulf of Morbihan or stick to the mainland. The department is home to the Carnac stones, a collection of prehistoric stones that date back further than Stonehenge in England, so be sure to get a view of the site during your holiday here.

Locals are well accustomed to holidaymakers in their town, so will welcome you during your stay in holiday rentals in Brittany. A range of property options are available, whether you're in search of a holiday home or a small cottage or even a villa with a pool. So make France your next family holiday destination and travel to the region of Brittany.