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Rent a holiday cottage or an apartment with a pool in the Istria region of Croatia. It's renowned for its succulent green and white adobe beauty.

Istria: Our recommendations

Funtana, Općina Vrsar, Istria
42 m² Apartment
6 1
4.6 / 5
from £386
for 1 week
Bašanija, Općina Umag, Istria
45 m² Apartment
3 1
5.0 / 5
from £582
for 1 week
Banjole, Općina Medulin, Istria
24 m² Caravan
5 1
4.6 / 5
from £188
for 1 week
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While it spans parts of both Slovenia – in the lovely Adriatic Coast or Lower Carniola regions - and Croatia, it’s the Croatian side that claims a particular brilliance as it juts out into the blue coolness of the Adriatic Sea. Overlooking Italy to the West, and the crumbling archipelagos and rising mountains of the Balkans to the East and the South, Holiday rentals in Istria are a haven for both the charm of port cities and quaint villages as well as the inland beauty of verdant growth providing shade from the dry-hot coastal Mediterranean climate, the perfect mixture for your holiday in Croatia.

Most popular destinations (Istria)

Visit Rovijn, an interesting city in Istria

The small, yet bustling port city of Rovinj offers the typical visual splendour of the area. Cobblestone streets of Europe combined with the flare of local street fairs selling fine cheeses, olives, local honeys and wines which you are advised to stock up on, to enjoy on an afternoon relaxing in your holiday home or wherever the afternoon might find you. Indeed, spending your holiday exploring the intricate city streets of Rovinj is one option, as is cycling out into the Istrian countryside – a huge sport popular amongst locals and tourists on holiday alike. These same roads built by the Romans wind along the coastline revealing wide expanses of clear turquoise water lapping up against the white villages clinging to the cliff sides. If you’ve forgone the holiday picnic idea, don’t worry - there are plenty of exquisite waterfront cafés serving fresh seafood and local specialities to both locals and holidaymakers, washed down with some local wine or an international beer.

Discover the enchanting Istrian Coast

Continuing the search for a panoramic view will bring you through picturesque orchards to climbing higher up the Istrian peninsula, where a handful of countries can be seen from a single vantage point. Your gaze may be directed mainly toward the sea, where sailing from Porec will show you a huge amount of the Istrian coast in a single trip leaving plenty of time to relax at your holiday home. There are numerous options available in terms of holiday rentals; Istria holiday cottages, apartments, or even a self catering villa. Istria is perfect for day trips and weekend breaks. Those who have extra time on their holiday in Croatia are recommended to rent a holiday apartment and travel around the peninsula of Istria extensively. Start searching now for that beautiful holiday home or villa in Istria for your next weekend away.