Holiday Parks in Wales are Extraordinary!

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Holiday Parks in Wales are Extraordinary!

Whether you are after a fun adventure, a family-friendly holiday or a getaway as a couple, then come rain or shine, your trip to Wales will be suitable for all of the above! Nestled in various beautiful locations, stay in Wales holiday parks for a rejuvenating getaway with highlights and adventures on the way!

Holiday Parks Wales - North, South, East or West – Perfect Locations Throughout Wales

Enjoy a stay in Llandovery, found in the South of Wales, as there are plenty of holiday parks available in this scenic location. This peaceful market town offers you the recuperation you desperately need so why not book a cosy, holiday cottage in Llandovery today and discover the Ruins of a Norman Castle! This castle fascinates both kids and adults as the history of the building dates back to the early 12th Century! Spend the evenings here in a local restaurant, where most serve traditional British cuisine such as fish and chips and pie and peas!

Go further South for your holiday parks in Wales and book a holiday rental in the sesaside town of Tenby. With beautiful stretches of beaches, it is perfect during the spring and summer season here to sit outside with a picnic surrounded by your loved ones on the Castle or Harbour Beach. If you are coming with a dog, it is a beautiful, scenic location to walk around and explore the sights of Tenby such as the Carew Castle and Manorbier Castle. In the evenings, retire back to your holiday home and enjoy the evening entertainment here in the holiday park. With various kids clubs as well as entertainment acts performing on a nightly basis, you will have great fun staying here!

Holiday Park Wales – Head Up North

It is not only the south that has plenty of holiday parks available for your family holidays. Head to the North of Wales along the beautiful, rugged coastline here. One popular destination with plenty of diverse holiday parks is Conwy. Visit the smallest house in Britain here as it is well worth a visit for its uniqueness in this seaside town! If you prefer hiking and walking around during your holidays, then Conwy is the perfect location for you with its endless pier and beautiful dog-friendly beaches waiting for you! As it is only a ten minute drive from Colwyn Bay from here, explore further great locations whilst staying in holiday parks in Wales. Have a great trip and make the most of your time in the beautiful countryside in the heart of Wales.


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