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Holiday Parks in Devon – Find Your Path to Great Destinations

Over the past few years, Devon has become an increasingly popular holiday destination for both Brits and for those coming from abroad. This beautiful yet quaint county in the South West of England offers a wide range of activities from everything recreational and thrill-seeking to indoor and outdoor locations for you to enjoy during your stay in Devon holiday parks.

holiday parks in Devon - family in a parkThe County of Devon Offers Beautiful Locations and Scenery

Holiday parks in Devon can be found throughout. If you enjoy staying in cities, then why not book accommodation in Exeter. With various parks available throughout the city providing family-friendly entertainment during the evenings, the kids will have a blast at the kids clubs available here. With excellent service and facilities, you have the advantage of being a city with lots to do during your stay. During the day, one of the best spots is the Clip'n'Climb, which is a fun-filled climbing facility that will occupy at least one afternoon! The Underground Passages are also well worth a visit here as you can learn about the history of these ancient tunnels.

Holiday Parks Devon - Stay in Locations Along the Coast

If you a big fan of spending long days on beautiful endless stretches of beaches, then book a Devon holiday cottage along the coastline. From locations such as Plymouth and Dartmouth found further South are ideal for those who enjoy hiking trails and cycling around checking the sights. The beaches here are also second to non and perfect for a long afternoon with a picnic and a Frisbee! Head to the northern part of the county in Lundy and stay in a secluded holiday park. This is the perfect location for you to relax and recuperate. Go scuba diving in the tranquil waters of the sea here or check out the various wildlife that call this island home!

Wherever you decide to stay in the county of Devon, you are guaranteed to have a brilliant time surrounded by your loved ones in a great environment. The fresh, crisp air throughout the cities, towns and villages here is just what you need and you have the bonus of enjoying an extremely unique coastline. Holiday park Devon – plan your rejuvenating getaway today and you are bound to have a great stay whether you decide on Clovelly or Teignmouth.

 holiday parks in Devon - couple together in the outdoors 


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