Danish holiday parks perfect for everyone

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Danish holiday parks perfect for everyone

Family days in a Danish holiday park

If you’re looking for the perfect escape for the whole family then Denmark is ideal, it is surrounded by gorgeously lush green fields, crystal blue waters, golden sandy beaches and candy coloured houses. Spend long days together on the beach playing in the gorgeous water and sunbathing, take adventurous walks through the surrounding countryside and see what interesting things you can find, eat lunch and dinner outside in the gorgeously warm sun and watch the sun set and wink its goodnight and all this right from your Danish family holiday park accommodation.

Another great advantage to staying at a holiday park for families in Denmark is that it’s an easy stress-free holiday, everything you need is there and almost all the attractions are right on your door step so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything either. Because holiday parks offer such a variety of different activities and attractions it means that not everyone always has to do the same thing and you can have break from spending time together too to do what you want to do.

Venturing out and further into Denmark

A great place to stay in and explore the further offerings it has is Skagen in the Northeast of Jutland, it is at the very tip of Denmark and is a 700yr old fishing village, it has a beautiful beach to explore and relax on too which is only a very short distance from your lovely Danish holiday park rental making it an easy trip away. It has a deeply rich culture that nobody can help but be fascinated by and the most delicious culinary delights to get your taste buds tingling. If you´re all in the mood for an adventure then go and climb the desert dune Rabjerg Mile, it´s famous because every year it moves about 15 metres away from the sea towards the east.

Or go and see the Buried Church in Skagen, this is a very fascinating site, the church was built in the second half of the 14th century and was the biggest in the region. However, the sand drifts slowly started to cover it until the people had to dig their way into it and then eventually abandon it, all that you can now see is the very top of the tower of the church. This is a great place for the kids to run around letting off lots of energy and even see if they can work out a way to get into the buried church.


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