Fun holiday parks in Croatia

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Fun holiday parks in Croatia

Family is everything

Organising a family holiday can be tricky, everyone wants to do something different from lying at the beach with a good book to an adventure in the mountains to lolling at the side of the pool to staying in a holiday house or holiday accommodation. There is a great variety of holiday parks in Croatia to choose from that all offer a variety of different things. From more spa and relaxation orientated parks to adventure parks to simpler smaller ones. With accommodations varying from a cosy mobile home in the holiday park to a lovely family apartment or house.

A bucket full of memories

A great place to go if your family is after something bigger with lots of options and something more relaxing for the parents and older children Novi Vinodolski in Kvarner Bay is the perfect place. There are some parks that have 7 swimming pools including indoor and outdoor ones so for those who can’t wait to lie by the pool with a cocktail and absorb themselves in a great book it is ideal. It is only 10m away from the sea for the beach lovers who can’t get enough of the sand and sea with its gorgeous lolling waves lapping at your feet as you walk down the endless golden sands or shiny smooths pebbles and rocks.

As well as that most parks include a fabulous spa so that you can truly relax and recuperate and enjoy the feeling of pure luxury. While everyone enjoys this there are also some great places for the kids, like kid’s towns with playgrounds, pools, mini clubs. For the teens if they get bored there are usually discos and gaming zones in the parks.

Quality family time in Croatia

However, if you’d like something more intimate for your family holiday where you spend more time together then a smaller resort in a place like Tinjan in Istria is the perfect place. There are smaller holiday parks, that offer you accommodation with your own private little pool and garden. There is also usually always a shared bigger pool, children´s pool and playground. There are plenty of lovely things for the whole family to do together like having a BBQ by the pool, hiking, mountain biking, sailing and surfing. Or you could all just enjoy some time relaxing together by your holiday park accommodation.


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