Ideas for your holiday

In need of further holiday idea inspiration? Look no further because here you´ll find an overview of some great holiday ideas. Find the perfect holiday inspiration that suits you and your holiday companions and then let yourselves be inspired. Go anywhere in the world that you fancy.

Furry four-legged members, kids and more – the perfect holiday home for everyone

We offer a great range of holiday homes that are suited to everyone and all types of holidays. Our goal is to make sure that everyone’s needs are met as efficiently as possible, giving everyone the opportunity to have a great holiday. Therefore, if you want to bring your furry friend then you can filter for pet friendly accommodation. Or if you have limited mobility then you search for barrier free accommodation. We at CASAMUNDO strive to make every person’s holiday experience as effortless as possible.

We offer a great range of filters for you to choose from, below are some of the most popular ones to give you some inspiration on your next holiday home destination:

From castles to farm stays – there’s an ideal accommodation for everyone

When going on holiday why go from one house to another? Stay somewhere different and interesting but still have the freedom of your own privacy. Let your inner child out and stay in a magical fairytale castle or a rustic farmhouse. Or have an adventure on a houseboat, cruise along the crystal blue waters and enjoy the nature around you. If you've got kids full of energy then a great place is a holiday park, relax while the kids run wild.

It doesn’t matter what type of holiday home you desire because CASAMUNDO will most likely have it in our great selection:

Active holidays – the perfect holiday home for an active getaway

Whether you fancy a holiday in the hills surrounded by towering trees, stunning wildlife and fresh air. Or an escape by the beach, with the gorgeous golden sands and the waves rhythmic lapping back and forth. Enjoy long days of skiing, watersports, hiking and much more. Then come back to your perfect holiday home just a stones throw away where you can relax and recover.

Have a look over all the possibilities that CASAMUNDO offers and be inspired to maybe try a new active holiday:

Celebrations all year long – find the perfect holiday accommodation to spend them in

Holidays are the perfect time to escape and make them even more memorable, from Easter to Christmas to New Year and even just a bank holiday. Choose from one of our many gorgeous holiday homes or apartments and spend your time off in style. Maybe escape the city at new year and instead go to a beach side town and experience a vibrant street party full of fancy dress. Or make your summer bank holiday weekend into a little getaway and go on an adventure perfect for the kids and give them some excitement.

There are endless excuses to getaway on a holiday from St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland to Independence Day in America so spend it in style and see what CASAMUNDO has to offer:

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