Family Holidays in Kent, stay in the Garden of England

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Family Holidays in Kent, stay in the Garden of England

Kent is the perfect destination for a family holiday. Known as Garden of England, due to its wealth of green landscapes and rolling hills of stunning countryside and apple orchards, Kent is the hotspot of South-East England. There is plenty of open space for kids and grown-ups to explore and to have outdoor adventures. Family holidays in Kent are great for doing activities out in the open, whether you're interested in walking, rambling, horse-riding or cycling. This county really has it all, so if you prefer the beach, find a Kent holiday cottage somewhere along the 350 miles of Kent coast.

Naturally, watersports should be on the agenda and you can let the kids get stuck in while mum and dad relax in the sun and have a quiet read. Dover holiday cottages will enable families to appreciate the coast and the iconic surroundings, including the White Cliffs, as well as other scenic walking paths. There are so many lovely smaller coastal towns which are perfect for family travel too. Stay in Ramsgate for some Viking history and an idyllic seaside retreat or visit Broadstairs where Lillyput Minigolf will be a bit of fun for all the family. Whitstable is also a very popular destination for family holidays.

Kent family holidays – inland gems

If beach holidays aren't your things, there is so much to see and do in Kent when you head away from the coast. One city full of family-fun activities and adventures is Canterbury. Stay in a holiday cottage in Canterbury for a great Kent family holiday. Canterbury is a charming town and has a rich history thanks to its Castle and the Cathedral. You can’t help but feel like you have walked back 500 years in time when walking through the centre of Canterbury, while the town has plenty of modern amenities and shops so you can bring back some souvenirs for family or enjoy a hearty lunch as well. Nearby Maidstone also has a lot to offer for family holidays. The county capital hosts the Maidstone Museum and Bentliff Gallery, where tourists get to see a 2,500 year old Egyptian mummy. Finally, Kent Life is a nice day outdoors where visitors can learn about Kent through the ages and appreciate rural life.

Holidays with toddlers in Kent

Self-catered is the way to go with young family members, giving you the freedom to eat and go out at your leisure, without breaking the bank. There is a wealth of things younger kids can do, so that they too can make the most out of a Kent holiday. There are so many historical sites and buildings throughout Kent. For holidays with toddlers, the young ones may or may not be as inspired by ancient architecture. A beach holiday is guaranteed to please, where they can build sand castles and have fun in the shallow waters. Young children are always fascinated by animals and the South of England Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford is one of the top things to do with young ones in the area. There are so many attractions for every generation, leaving everyone satisfied with a family holiday in Kent.


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