Family Holiday in Brighton and Hove

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Family Holiday in Brighton and Hove

Brighton is known for being a forward-thinking and cosmopolitan city, as well as having a vibrant alternative scene. It is, however, also a great location for having a family holiday in the UK. Of course Brighton beach holiday may be the first thing to come to mind, because the beach and Brighton Pier can be appreciated by people of all ages. But is so much more to do and so many other reasons why Brighton is perfect for family holidays. For discovering and finding out about the city, the open-air bus tour is appropriate for all ages. There are a surprising amount of green space for kids and grown-ups to explore in Brighton and Hove. There is the possibility of watersports for more adventurous and active people and we recommend trying wakeboarding, a relaxing and less demanding activity perfect for city dwellers less accustomed to water sports.

Family travel – Brighton is family friendly and fun

The Royal Pavilion is the most beautiful landmark in Brighton, combining neo classical styles with Indian styles and an interior lavishly decorated with oriental artwork and tapestries. Arguably more exotic and intriguing than Buckingham palace, it is one of the best stately homes in Britain. The Sea Life Centre is certainly another main attraction and is definitely worth visiting if you are on a family holiday and the Brighton Toy and Model Museum is an obvious choice for young ones, while inspiring childhood nostalgia among adults. The Brighton Museum is entertaining as well as interactive, so will engage people of all ages. For evening entertainment, there are a number of cinemas in Brighton and Hove, showing films appropriate to all age groups. The Royal Theatre also shows musicals, which children and grown-ups will love. With so much to see and do, choose Brighton for your next family holiday.

Brighton is the ideal place to start a holiday if you want to explore a bit more of the Southern coastline. To the East lies Hastings, a historic town which was notoriously the site of a certain battle which changed the history of England. If travelling down towards Brighton you could easily stay in Royal Tunbridge Wells along the way or visit the town on your way back up North.


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