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Here to help you
+44 (0)20 351 493 77
(charged at local rate)


Who we are
If you're looking for an individual holiday home that caters to your every need, CASAMUNDO is the site for you. We offer a wide variety of holiday homes across Europe with the best prices guaranteed and a booking platform that offers our users the security and reassurance they need.

What makes us different?
Why search 20 websites when you can just use 1? CASAMUNDO provides over 400,000 properties from a range of Europe’s best rental websites, all in one easy to use portal.

CASAMUNDO is constantly evolving to provide our users with the easiest and most innovative way to locate and book their perfect holiday rental property.

Part of @Leisure
The @Leisure Group is one of the largest providers of holiday accommodation across Europe. Through their different brands they offer significant present in every major European market, which all work together to provide a first class, professional user journey focused on customer service and user experience.


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