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Extraordinary holiday rentals Extraordinary housing
Holiday apartments with magnificent pools Cool pools
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Holiday accommodation for your fishing trip Fishing holidays
Rent your very own castle Castles & Palaces
Holiday homes and apartments suited for dogs Travelling with pets
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Book holiday homes and holiday rentals with CASAMUNDO

With CASAMUNDO you can spend your relaxing holiday in a holiday home. Relax and take a holiday by the sea or enjoy some time together on a family holiday and even bring your pets along: You can find holiday homes to cater for your every need. Discover the variety of holidays that CASAMUNDO has to offer and choose from over 400,000 holiday rentals. Some of our most popular destinations include Italy, Croatia, France, Skiing holidays in Valais in Switzerland and having a holiday next to the pool in Spain.

If you're longing for a romantic holiday for just the two of you, you find your perfect holiday accommodation in the perfect destination, for example on an Island getaways or a weekend in Paris. For a short weekend city trip to escape the normal routine, we have lots on offer in different types of accommodation, from a luxury apartment in Vienna to a studio in a manor house in Prague. Or for those who want to escape everything and everyone and have a bit of time to themselves, why not try a fishing holiday? If you are an animal lover and can't bear to be away from your pet whilst you holiday, there are many holiday homes that cater for and welcome your pets with open arms, so you can enjoy your holiday all together.

Holiday accommodation at CASAMUNDO – We are here to help

We provide you with a high quantity and quality of holiday homes, with over 400,000 holiday rentals to choose from. You can search easily online and book directly with us all while you are sitting comfortably in your own home. All of our holiday homes, apartments, chalets, studios and the many other types of accommodation we have all come in at the best guaranteed price. For any questions, specific requests or to book over the telephone, CASAMUNDO is available for you between 08:00 – 21:00 every day. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have, there will be someone to help you and customer service is our number one priority.